One Day in Qatar

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I had a great vacation. I was able to see 4 countries on this visit (sort of 5- if I include stopping over in Amsterdam, Netherlands).

I spend a day in Doha Qatar, then went to South Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town), followed by Malawi (Chikwawa, Blantyre, Lilongwe) and finished off in Tanzania (Zanzibar).

I am trying to do much better in providing pictures, videos and details of my trips. So enjoy my first video documenting my day in Qatar.

Let me know your thoughts!!

Dr. Wanderlust

I am a Neuroscience Graduate Student, Past Professional Volleyball Player with a love for traveling the world, cultures and adventures. I am a frugal traveler so I am always looking out for great deals, but I am also very much into trying new things, meeting new people and learning no matter where I go. Check out my signature iJump photos from around the world.